Romantic Suspense | Novella

Want to hear two truths and a lie?
My name is Declan Ace McClintock.
My profession?
My weakness?
But, the truth about a lie is, it’s never, really, truly a lie, is it?
Most everyone’s deceit holds a small amount of honesty.
A little bit of yourself that could be true, if you let it.
So, what part of my deception is fabricated?
How far did I go to invent a cover up for my dishonesty?
A fact that may hold more truth than anything else I have said so far.
Are you listening closely?
Because we’re just getting started.


Slow-Burn | RomCom

It doesn’t have to be a best seller.
It doesn’t have to be something no one has ever read.
So why am I making this so damn difficult?
I need to focus.
To push past the writer’s block, the fear, the taunting rejection that they’ll all think this new book of mine sucks a big dick! Am I allowed to say that? Screw it, because I just did, and it totally does, at least in my mind.
I don’t need distractions!
Especially mouth-watering, panty-dropping, dirty talking, self-gratifying distractions.
Distractions that cause my breath to catch, my thighs to clench, my center to quickly dampen, and my brain to scream only two self-gratifying words.
Yes fucking please!
OK, that was three!
Never mind the fact that he’s my new boss. Forget the idea that he corners me into a fake engagement – the first day we meet! Ignore the obvious evidence that I can’t, for the life of me, stay away from Brettly Beckett!
And what’s more, I don’t want to!
And he doesn’t make it easy!
No, my lucky readers, he’s not backing down without putting in some very hard-to-resist, self-pleasure seeking, efforts. Gifting me with the nickname Peaches, he makes it known he’s dead set on claiming my peach the first chance he gets, and the sooner the better. But I quickly learn that’s a development that could prove too self-destructive if we let it. After all, it’s like they say, not everything in life can be as sweet as a peach.


Mafia | Mystery | Thriller

I’m used to keeping secrets. Used to not trusting anyone.
My day job keeps me hidden.
My life a mystery most will never know.
But she bewitches me with her charm.
She fascinates me with the way she shines so bright.
A light in my world full of darkness.
I seduce her for my pleasure.
I want her only for one night.
But once you experience heaven, how can you ever come back to earth.
I’m used to keeping secrets.
And now that she’s mine, I plan to enjoy her always and never let her go.

I wanted to be alone. I didn’t need anyone.
Never have, never will.
Or so I thought.
Until an Italian God shows up, sweeps me off my feet, introduces me to his power. His control. His dominance.
He warned me about him. He told me to run. But how do you leave someone who completes you? Who captivates you. Who makes you feel full when all you’ve ever felt is empty.
I wanted to be alone.
But that was before he took what he wanted, gave me what I craved and left me knowing I would never feel the same again. Not without him.


New-Adult | College Romance

One look.
One touch.
One sound of her beautiful voice, and I’m hooked.
Like a dream I never want to wake up from, she pulls me in and wraps me around her.
Consumed. Driven with need. Fueled by an unrelenting desire to make her mine.
One night, I take more than she has ever given before, which only leaves me wanting more.
Needing more. Craving more.
She’s the one I’ve waited for my whole life.
I’ll be damned if I let anyone, including our families, stand in our way.
She trusts me. Hungers for me, just like I want only to covet her. Forever.
But, there is one twist neither of us see coming. A curveball, no one could ever have ever expected.
Still, I hold on tight to her light.
She’s my Angel.
Something about her, us, makes me feel like I found heaven on earth.
She’s my best Catch, and I’m not letting her go.


Romantic Suspense

Solo. Private. Detached.
I’m used to going through life alone.
I’m used to running my own show and work best under pressure.
My past is best kept hidden.
Buried inside so I can keep up my disguise.
My mask. My veil hiding my truth from the rest of the world.
A bubbly exterior that covers up my secrets perfectly.
But he breaks down my walls.
He forces himself into my heart and drives me crazy with need.
Want. Desire.
Our passion is fueled by destruction.
Our chemistry interferes with my every move.
But there is one secret I don’t tell.
One truth I keep hidden.
I never let myself get distracted.
Until now, when I show up for my next job and find out the man I thought I’d escaped is suddenly my new partner. And hell if I can avoid the pull he has on me.
But there is one problem, he’s just as broken as me.
And together, we might just meet our end.

Damaged. Ruined. Self-destructive.
At least those are the words my ex-wife used to describe me.
Right when I hit her with a restraining order and took full custody of our only child.
I won’t let anyone close.
I promised myself to never fall in love again.
My son is my only priority.
That and my next big job at the bureau.
But then she shows up out of the blue, twelve days before Christmas, and is suddenly my new live-in roommate for the next two weeks.
I tell myself to stay away.
I tell myself to not get involved.
But the damn pull she has on me makes me take her anyway, if only for one night when we both agree it can be nothing more.
Parting ways, I am left with an emptiness I wasn’t expecting.
A hole I’m afraid will never be filled.
Chumming it up to just one amazing night with a woman I let closer than anyone ever before, I try to lose the thought of her in my next job.
Attempting best I can to block her memory out, I quickly realize that won’t be easy when I show up for work and meet my new partner.
My match. My equal.
My whole world, and damn it if I can let her go twice.


Military | Second-Chance | Romantic Suspense

One word.
Fear I wonʼt make it home.
Fear Iʼll never make it back state side.
And fear Iʼll never feel again the way Jolene Stewart makes me crave her next touch like Iʼm a fein needing my
next fix.

Sheʼs my kryptonite.
My vice.

The one thing that makes me secretly wish for tomorrows and forever afters when all Iʼve ever done is serve.
Give without even a thought for my fellow man and country.
But now, all I want is to stay with her and her daughter in this new world and home weʼve somehow created together.

But when her past comes calling and my next tour has me leaving the two girls I love more than anything with the fear I wonʼt return, will she wait for me?

Or will giving my heart away be worse than the fate that awaits me overseas?


Enemies to Lovers | Second-Chance | New-Adult

He’s rough, arrogant, sexy and irresistible as hell.
The stereotypical ladies man that I swore I’d never fall for.
He stole my heart once before when we were kids, and I promised myself I would never give it to him again.
One night, a few drinks and memories neither one of us could escape lands me right back to where it all started, or should I say ended.
But when push comes to shove, will he be ready to hear the truth about our past and face the secret I’ve been holding in for over 10 years? Or will he run like I always knew he would? The one reason why I never let myself get too close to him again. As they say, tigers can’t change their stripes, and I won’t let him make a fool out of me trying.

The Kismet Duet

Indecision & Devotion

Small Town | New Adult | Chicklit

This is the complete Kismet Duet, both books 1 & 2, now available in one package.

She’s blonde, blue eyed and got curves for days.
Her sexy sweet demeanor and the way her smart mouth teases leaves me wanting nothing more than to tease her back. Watch her need rise as I do things to her I’ve only dreamed of doing in my secret fantasies.
She’s my fantasy alright.
A California dream us southern boys never get the chance to touch.
She’s all I could ever need, want, and desire.
And I’ll change my whole world just to have her in it.
But when her lips meet mine, and our craving pushes us further than we expected, will it be enough?
Or could choosing us prove to be the biggest mistake we’ve ever made?
One thing I know for certain, I’ll never regret it.
Her. Me.
The feeling of us.
Even long after my fantasy fades.

But after being put in my place with a secret confession, I figure to hell with love and the damn West Coast.
Hitting the road, I only have one place to go.
Home to Kentucky.
Trouble is, if I knew what awaited me on Southern soil, I would’ve thought twice before ever leaving Eva’s side.
Trying my hardest to forget the girl I left behind, I’m forced to face another ghost from my past.
One I thought I escaped long ago.
She brings with her a secret that steals any chance of ever having the future I dreamed of.
Will what Eva and I have be enough to weather the storm?
Or will it finally break us?

Rereleasing May 3, 2022